Information Acquisition of Natural Water in Java, Indonesia

  • Benjamin Herrmann
  • Kelvin Susanto
  • Pradipta Mahardika
Keywords: Research, Information Acquisition, Drinking Water, Rural Areas


In this paper, we describe the procedure of information acquisition to obtain clear
facts about the access and the quality of natural water in rural areas of Java.
The Autarcon GmbH, located in Kassel (Germany), invented a system for water disinfection for
remote areas of developing regions, using solar technology and anodic oxidation. The
realization of a market analyses shall give the required information about the land and people, as
well as the water treatment in the country. For every research project, it is essential to get
veridical facts to start work with a solid fundament. To ensure, that data package is correct, the
best way is, to get the facts directly at the spring. In this case straight from the water tap, also we
have to do this information acquisition in practice by our own is, cause there is no already
existing information, which are useful to us.
The target of this excursion is getting an overview of the accessibility and the treatment of water
in rural areas. Also there is a checklist of questions elaborated, which is needful for a market
analysis followed. The samples of water from different places will be analyzed in special
laboratories afterwards. During the journey, they will be stored in a cooler to make sure, that the
bacteria’s are not growing too fast, so that a proper result is not vulnerable. A special system for
marking the samples and to locate them after removal is already prepared.