Development of Agent Based Modeling: Case Study on Swiss German University Classroom’s Electrical Usage

  • Muhammad Fadhil Mudjiono
  • Heru Purnomo Ipung
  • A. Amin Soetomo
Keywords: Agents, Agent-Based Model, Model, Simulation, State


Lately electrical energy consumption is being the concern in the enterprises facility
operation. To measure and replicate the electrical energy usage, the experiment should be
conducted. Meanwhile, conducting the experiment on the campus building in the same way as
the other experiment which should isolate the environment to the outside world is nearly
impossible to do. The agent based modeling and simulation offer the good alternative to doing
an experiment to a computer program that could be replicate the real world environment, in this
case is the Swiss German University campus building. This study aims to studying the
characteristic of agent based model in simulating the electrical usage in SGU, the differences
between the agent based simulation and empirical data calculation, and studying the electrical
usage of Swiss German University’s classroom. The simulation is intended to replicates the real
usage of the Swiss German University classroom. The result shows the simulation is not
replicating the classroom usage, but the simulation is replicating the usage of the electrical
energy. Also, the electrical energy usage in Swiss German University it not determined by the
number of classroom is being use.