Environmental Issues in Producing Methanol as an Alternative Clean Energy for the Future

  • Dwipa Fatta Monas Sahputra
Keywords: Commitment, Dimensions, Audi, Challenges, Sustainable


PT Kaltim Methanol Industri process natural gas into methanol through a series of the
process. At each stage, a number of materials and energy in and out system. In addition to raw
materials such as natural gas, steam and oxygen, the process of making Methanol require
auxiliary materials such as catalysts. Although not participate in reaction, this catalyst requires
periodic replacement in accordance with a shelf life. Stakeholders of PT Kaltim Methanol
Industri, i.e. the community surrounding the company, local government and buyers /
consumers of methanol began to aggressively pay attention to aspects of environmental
management in PT KMI. Three-dimensional environmental management in PT Kaltim
Methanol Industri, namely the conservation of natural resources, hazardous materials and waste
management and Empowerment of local community, through a formal approach / institutional,
technological and socio-economic. To assure the performance of its environmental
management, PT KMI since 2005 has been implementing an environmental management
system ISO14000: 2004. Audit and verification of the environmental performance of PT KMI
quite satisfactory, such as the local government through PROPERDA as well as the Central
Government through the National PROPER. The challenge ahead in environmental
management in PT KMI will be more complex, given the aging of the plant equipment,
availability of raw materials, changes in regulations and the requirements of stake holders
increasingly stringent. PT Kaltim Methanol Industri is committed to actively improve the
quality of the environment through the efforts of sustainable environmental management.