A Digital Economy Model for Talent Prediction Data Analytic

  • Haru Purnomo Ipung Swiss German University
  • Amin Soetomo Swiss German University
Keywords: Digital Economy, Data Architecture, Data Analytic, Business Model, Talent Forecast


This research proposed a model to assist the design of the associated data architecture and data analytic to support talent forecast in the current accelerating changes in economy, industry and business change due to the accelerating pace of technological change. The emerging and re-emerging economy model were available, such as Industrial revolution 4.0, platform economy, sharing economy and token economy. Those were driven by new business model and technology innovation. An increase capability of technology to automate more jobs will cause a shift in talent pool and workforce. New business model emerge as the availability
and the cost effective emerging technology, and as a result of emerging or re-emerging economic models. Both, new business model and technology innovation, create new jobs and works that have not been existed decades ago. The future workers will be faced by jobs that may not exist today. A dynamics model of inter-correlation of economy, industry, business model and talent forecast were proposed. A collection of literature review were conducted to initially validate the model.