The Impact of Online Reviews and Ratings on Customer Hotel Preferences, Case Study: Tripadvisor

  • Isabella Natasha Swiss German University
  • Robert La Are Swiss German University
Keywords: Online Reviews, Online Ratings, EWOM, Trip Advisor, Customer Preferences


Online hotel reviews is an important source for customers to find out the products and service quality. Online hotel reviews consist of reviews and ratings. The best online reviews website in TripAdvisor. In this era, online reviews are really important and could affect customer preferences in choosing a hotel. The aim of this research is to analyze in what extent do online reviews and ratings affect customer preferences. This study use survey by distributing a total of 100 questionnaires in order to gain the data. Then, the data will be proceed through SPSS to test the validity, reliability, classical assumption, and multiple regression analysis. The results indicated
that both of the variables (online reviews and ratings) positively impact customer preferences in choosing a hotel. However, online reviews has a bigger impact towards customer preferences rather than online ratings. It is recommended for TripAdvisor to weed out the fake reviews and guarantee the trustworthy reviews. For the hotel managers, it is recommended to response both, positive and negative reviews that made by customers in TripAdvisor, because it could change someone’s perceptions into the good feeling of the hotel.