Analysis of the Safety Culture(A Case Study in a Publicly-Listed Company in Indonesia)

  • Yopie Rissa
Keywords: Safety Culture, Safety Performance, Safety Management Systems, Management Commitment to Safety, Personal Responsibility to Safety


The objective of this research is to observe, assess and understand how each and every
Safety Culture elements work together in shaping overall Safety Culture in an organization.
This is to define how each element works in the existing safety approach to build the overall
Safety Culture of an organization, and taking that information to determine which specific
elements require improvement and approach modification. Managing safety in business is one
of major part of risk management, people and asset protections which is part of global future
trend, and furthermore as a foundation to business sustainability.
The major challenge in managing safety for most of organizations is to modify the culture of
their people to follow the progressing needs of the organizations. This research attempts to
define the forming elements of Safety Culture, and determine measurable and controllable
factors of each of those elements. It is expected to help organizations to focus their efforts on
these factors and have periodic review on the progress. In order to prove that Safety Culture has
correlation with Safety Performance, this research used quantitative approach in a public-listed
company, obtains the primary data through questionnaires distributed to 893 employees from
different level, and analyze it using SPSS statistic tool. Few observations and discussions are
also being part of the research. Finding of this research is that the Safety Culture has a strong
correlation with Safety Performance in an organization.
The analysis also found that in the existing condition of this public-listed company, all four
elements of Safety Culture are showing positive significant correlation. The element provides
the most significant impact to Safety Culture is Safety Management Systems. Although all
elements of Safety Culture found to have impact on Safety Culture, Management Commitment
to Safety provides less impact compare to others. This is one of opportunity for improvement
for this public-listed company to focus its attention and effort.