Synchronizing a Modular Production System Integrated with Machine Vision

  • Yogi Hamdani Swiss German University
  • Rusman Rusyadi Swiss German University
Keywords: Processing Station, Handling Station, Machine Vision, Synchronization


The objective of this project is to synchronize the Processing Station and Handling
Station of FESTO Modular Production System into a developed automated production system
which is integrated with machine vision as work piece detection and color recognition tool. In
the system, work piece transaction will be done by the Handling Station with Mitsubishi
Movemaster RV-M1 in pick and place mechanism while the Processing Station processes the
work piece through work piece checking, drilling, and hole checking. The developed machine
vision is implemented to recognize and find available work pieces on the feeder pallet which are
requested to be processed. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is constructed in C++ to monitor
system status, do digital image processing, and establish communication between operator and
the machines. This work has been proved to successfully processed requested work pieces
under specified brightness environment.