On Diversification of Visualization from in Meeting Room to in Factory

  • Koichi Murata College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University, Japan
Keywords: Visualization for Decision Making, Visualization for Operation Management, 5W1H Perspective


Visualization mainly has been recognized as one of the management schemes for
supporting a decision making by senior managers in an academic side for a long time. A graph,
a chart, a diagram and a table etc. are its typical tools utilized in a meeting room and a wide area
of an information technology and system helps the progress of its technological performance. In
addition to the main stream of the relevant studies, many cases of visualization have been
developed in a factory. They are for operation management and called ‘visual control/visual
management’. And it aims at safety and effective operation of a production system by the
mechanism to require quick feedback against operators. Based on the recognitions that
visualization in a factory differs in type from visualization in a meeting room, the purpose of
this paper is a discussion of the above two types of visualization though literature reviews. In
particular, the obtained result is a clarification of a difference between them from 5W1H
perspectives such as an installation purpose, a visualized item, attributes of maker and user, a
place where visualization is utilized, a timing when visualization is utilized and an elemental
technology for realizing visualization.