Students’ Satisfaction Index: A Case Study in Swiss German University, Indonesia

  • Okke Hadyan Adityo Swiss German University
  • Tanika Dewi Sofianti Swiss German University
  • Triarti Saraswati Swiss German University
Keywords: Student Satisfaction, Service Quality, Swiss German University


Students’ opinion about factors related to the academic and non-academic form of a
satisfaction feedback questionnaire. This research purpose to investigate satisfaction level of a
students’ in Swiss German University, Tangerang, Indonesia. The research focuses on the
general factor until specified factor in SGU. General factor like lecturer, local internship, OFSE,
canteen, and parking area. The respondent consist of 60 engineering students. The respondent
response measure through an adapted questionnaire on a 6-point Likert scale for a satisfaction
and 10 level rating for an important level. The result are reliability analysis, factor loading
analysis and student satisfaction index. Reliability analysis function is to measure the data and
the items that compose the scales. Factor loading analysis function is some variable or indicator
that correlate poorly be eliminated as the part of variable related to the other measure, and it will
be useless to be used in further analysis. Index purposes to see the student satisfaction within
histogram. Parking area is the lowest criteria according to factor loading analysis, and also the
lowest percentage according to student satisfaction index.