Developing Knowledge Management System for Human Resources Development at Gear and Sprocket Manufacturer

  • Johannes Nikolas Japar Swiss German University
  • Tanika Dewi Sofianti Swiss German University
  • Invanos Tertiana Swiss German University
Keywords: Knowledge Management System, KM-IRIS Methodology, Standard Operating Procedure, Gear Manufacturing


A gear and sprocket manufacturing company uses several manufacturing process in
the production line. One of the problems faced by the company is when there is a senior
employee who resigns from the company; the knowledge owned by the worker also will be
leaving the company. That situation can affect to the company’s productivity in a negative way.
Knowledge management system ensures that his knowledge retained inside the company so it
can be used later to train new employee or to develop the current employee become a
multi-skilled workforce. The knowledge retained will be processed into standard operating
procedure and video to be utilized later in the company.
This project focuses on developing a knowledge management system for manufacturing process
at gear and sprocket manufacturing company. The methodology used to develop KMS is
KM-IRIS Methodology. KM-IRIS is divided into five phases: identification, extraction,
representation, processing, and utilization. The deliverables of this project is KMS, including
Standard Operating Procedures and training videos. The user acceptance test is done to verify the
feedbacks from employees and used to improve and revise the developed KMS. The result from
the user acceptance test shows that SOP is more suitable to maintain the current skill and quality.
While training activity for employee is supported only by training video. Instruction manual or
manual book and training department are recommended to improve and increase the employee’s
skill through training program in the company. It is also therefore recommended to implement
KMS in the company and create KM team in order to develop, to run, to evaluate, and to revise
the KM in the company.