Analysis of Value Creation Towards Business Performance: a Case Study of a Local Brand“The Little Things She Needs.”

  • Felicia Marcellina Sulaiman
  • Nila K Hidayat
Keywords: IFE Matrix, EFE Matrix, Aggressive Strategy, Fashion Industry, The Little Things She Needs


The competition rate in Indonesia fashion industry is rapidly increasing. Companies
selling fashion items like shoes and clothes have to create values to be unique for customers.
The purpose of this study is to analyze value creation and the indicators involved in a local
shoes brand: The Little Things She Needs and its implications towards business performance. It
also analyzes SWOT of TLTSN and determines the suitable strategy to be pursued to face the
growing market. This is a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research with both primary and
secondary data from questionnaire distribution, company internal reports and in-depth
interview with the operation and brand manager of TLTSN. Results indicate that value creation
of TLTSN influences its business performance highly and among the four indicators proven to
be influencing the value creation, service relationship seems to have the strongest influence.
Based on the SWOT, IFE and EFE Matrix, TLTSN is already in a good position and is
recommended to employ aggressive strategy to maximize the use of opportunities and enhance
its business performance further.