Medical Gases Cylinder Risk Evaluation To Prevent Risk

  • Ivan Ivan Swiss German University
Keywords: Engineer, Gases, Hospital, Management, Medical, Risk


Medical gases for medical treatment, are used to give gas therapy to the patient. They are widely used in hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, homes, and other healthcare facilities. They are essential and request zero faults. Because of the impact of medical gases fault, may could someone injury or even death. The incidents of using medical gases are still founding in several countries, including Indonesia. This research paper was conducted to give a perspective of risk evaluation, so medical gases cylinder management could get attention. Normally the incidents in using medical gases are caused by human error and fraud. Human error in using medical gases could make somebody death, and fraud could make financially lost which could affect operational cost. The explanation will be shown on the risk heat map and also the risk scorecard. This is facilitating to make it easier to take a decision for the priority of risk that should be mitigated or manage.