The Impact of Knowledge Management on Service Quality of News Researcher in XYZ Television

  • Jhoni Marcos Swiss German University
  • Mulya R. Mashudi Swiss German University
Keywords: Knowledge management, News researcher, Service quality


The main objective of this research is to find out whether there is an impact of the implementation of knowledge management (KM) on the service quality of the news researcher (NR) work unit in the news divisions at XYZ Television. The positive influence of KM is expected to improve the service quality provided to news producers as users. So that it also has a positive or increasing impact on the quality of the news produced. This type of research is applied research, with experimental research methods. According to the level of exploration, this study uses a comparative method by comparing the results before and after the implementation of KM. According to the type of data, this study uses qualitative data. For this reason, a survey was conducted using a questionnaire before and after the implementation of KM to 28 news producers as respondents. These respondents were the total population of users who are received NR services. The rating scale used is a Likert scale. The statistical test used for this study used paired sample t-test using IBM SPSS 25, which tests the hypothesis whether there is a significant impact of KM implementation. This study has proven that the application of KM can improve the service quality of NR. This increase is indicated by the significance value of the service before and after the implementation of KM. So that this research is expected to contribute to the improvement of service quality in each work unit of news researchers in television media in Indonesia, especially in the news division.