Predictive Analysis on Employee Performance

  • S.L. Tendean Swiss German University
  • M.R. Mashudi Swiss German University
  • E. Budiarto Swiss German University


Human resources management have key roles during running some business. Some good invesment in this human resources managements gives some benefit for company to gain more income. Hiring good employee and build some good organization inside company are needed to achieve good running business. The objective in this research  is to determine some parameters from some performance record in X company that have key roles for human resources management to give some good hiring affecting business income. The Data that used got from the X company from 2014-2018 with around 14 parameters and 10 human performance record parameters.From this needs, this research describe some  models such as multiple regression and random forest as validation focusing on analyzing the human performance record correlated to the revenue data set in PT X Company. As conclusion, this research concluded 3 parameters in human performance record that very important to determine good running business