Core Banking System Scalability Review

  • Achmad Fakhrudin Swiss German University
  • Heru P. Ipung Swiss German University
  • Mohamad Amin Soetomo Swiss German University
  • Charles Lim Swiss German University


In carrying out the digital transformation, bank has to find their optimal routes to exploit the Open Banking opportunity and minimize or manage any threat. However open Banking models will be making implication on the increasingly hit from the external parties. It will be new and more unpredictable data volumes as third parties request access to the banking system. Bank has to prepare their Banking system on the Enterprise Architecture, and one of the concerns is on the scalability. For the traditional core banking system, the platform of mainframe and other legacy technology could remain the bottleneck to agility and scalability. In this paper, scalability testing and analysis are carried out to verify whether the traditional banking core system running on the power platform can be scalable to support open banking strategy. The results found were that the core banking system could be scalable, but needed a lot of enhancement on the core banking application side, as well as capacity upgrading on the server side.